“In vitro” clinic has its own Collaborative Reproduction services which is one of the first of its kind in the nation.

Instead of matching you with a single doctor or specialist, you will have access to one team, comprised of doctors, fertility experts, patient coordinators, and other specialists — who will be dedicated to helping you realize your dream of starting a family.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for couples to have a baby, whether it’s through the use of egg donation, sperm donation, or using a gestational carrier (surrogacy). We provide and coordinate all the services you will need, including medical, emotional, legal, and financial guidance. Your dedicated team of experts will work with you every step along the way, ensuring that you receive the best possible care and support. We’ll help streamline your journey from start to finish to ensure that every detail is managed effectively, and with ease.


Various Options

There are many options on your journey to parenthood including:

Egg Donation – Our agency offers donor egg services through our own proprietary Donor Program and through Donor Egg Bank.

Sperm Donation

Gestational Carrier (Surrogacy)

If you’re an international patient, find out what services we can provide for your specific needs.  You can also meet our dedicated, experienced specialists for Collaborative Reproduction Team who will be helping you along the way.


Always By Your Side

At the”In vitro” clinic, overall wellness, safety, and treatment success of our prospective parents, donors, and gestational carriers is our number one priority. Collaborative Reproduction is staffed by an experienced, dedicated team of experts that will guide you through your entire journey to building your family.  We’re proud to provide compassionate medical and emotional guidance and will work closely with our physicians and our team to maximize your chances for success and ensure that you feel supported, informed, and excited along this important journey


Working with Our team

We are invested to make every effort to accommodate third-party candidates and prospective parents throughout their journey.  Typically, egg donors continue care at our clinic, even after their egg retrieval, to ensure their health is optimal and to allow future recipients an opportunity to have the most updated and screened donor candidate. We understand that each donor match is unique.  Therefore, case by case, our specialists will make every effort to accommodate the intended parent’s requests.


How to start the procedure?

  1. Contact us patients@invitro.ge and inform us about your fertility-related problem
  2. Send us your medical history form and all your medical records
  3. In a few days, you will receive our information letter with the details of your planned treatment

Or please fill out this information below: