Keeping your precious eggs, embryos, and sperm samples safe.

As you may have recently read in the news, a few fertility clinics recently experienced equipment malfunctions that resulted in potential damage to their cryo-stored eggs, embryos, and/or sperm. We are deeply saddened for those patients and felt that it is important to take a moment to reassure our Invitro clinic patients that your precious eggs, embryos, and sperm are safe with the “In Vitro” clinic.


Our laboratories are staffed with highly trained professionals who maintain the highest level of quality assurance. Here’s how:

  • We have 30 liquid nitrogen tanks on-site which currently store 40,000 + embryos.
  • As a part of our daily quality check, we inspect the level of liquid nitrogen in our storage tanks. Once a week, we fill tanks to the top level.
  • Liquid nitrogen is delivered twice a week to ensure we have the amount we need to keep tanks at the correct levels that are suitable for storage.
  • We have 4 alarm systems attached to our tanks. In the event of an emergency when the lab is closed, the alarm alerts our staff remotely, and a trained staff member will respond to the laboratory at any hour.
  • All alarm systems are connected to a back-up power source. This ensures that the alarm will not be shut off in the event of a power outage.
  • Most importantly, our Embryology staff is on-site weekdays, weekends, and holidays, which allows us to monitor and confirm that all lab equipment is functioning properly.

The “In Vitro” clinic takes great pride in caring for you and your eggs, embryos, and sperm samples. We want you to rest assured that you are in safe hands.

If you have any questions regarding our Storage policies and procedures, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be able to direct your questions or concerns to the appropriate staff member for a response.