What do intended parents need to know?

“In vitro” clinic is one of the most reputable fertility clinics in the country, with a team of experts specifically dedicated to Collaborative reproduction. We perform more than 300 egg donation cycles every year. Throughout your time with the “In vitro” clinic, you’ll only be working with our team. Our doctors, our nurses, and our facilities. By keeping “In vitro” clinic’s egg donor program completely in-house, we’re able to give you the most reliable prescreened donor candidates, while retaining a high success rate and patient satisfaction. Our team personally recruits, screens, and matches all of the egg donors in our anonymous donor program. Our database allows you to search through the donor profiles for specific criteria such as ethnicity, education, or physical appearance.


Choosing the Right Donor

Choosing your egg donor is a wonderful step in your journey to parenthood — a step that will move you down the path to treatment and on to parenthood. There is no one right way to choose an egg donor; every person or couple handles it differently. You may have preferences in choosing an egg donor, and we encourage you to speak with your fertility specialist or coordinator if you have questions or feel strongly about a preference.


If you’re in an intended parent, find out what services we can provide for your specific needs. You can also meet our dedicated, experienced Team who will be helping you along the way. Please contact us.