Your first appointment helps us get to know you. We will discuss your history and invite you to tell us about your attempts at parenthood.

Some topics we may discuss:

Details about past pregnancy attempts

Medical conditions you or your partner may have

For women: any sexual problems, menstrual history, family history of infertility, diet

For men: any sexual problems, history of the previous conception, family history of infertility, surgery, or recurring infections


We’re Here for You 

Every patient should feel comfortable, informed, and confident in his or her choices. Patients are encouraged to ask any questions as they arise. Your physician will want to keep an open dialogue about your journey. We are here for you, every step of the way.


What to Bring

We will need the following documentation on your first visit:

Government Issued Photo Identification

A list of medications, herbs, or supplements that you are currently taking-including the dosage

Any information about previous treatments for infertility

Any other pertinent medical records

A list of questions and concerns that you may have


For detailed information, please fill out this contact form or give us a call at +995 32 2 15 77 77, +995 577 71 17 50